Blue Ridge Family Dentistry, Maryville, TN

Our practice provides compassionate and convenient dentistry to Maryville, Alcoa, Blount County and all of East Tennessee. Our comprehensive general dentistry approach provides a breadth of traditional dentistry including crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, implants, cosmetic dentistry, and children’s dentistry. This approach allows you as a patient to come to a single location to get most of your dental treatment needs, and eliminates excess paperwork at multiple other offices. This is to name a few of the benefits provided to you here at Blue Ridge Family Dentistry. Please look below to read more about why our dental office is the best choice for your dental needs.


About Us

Cutting Edge Technology

The advantage of group practice dentistry lets us have the right tools, and the right time to accomplish what is needed for each patient. This includes modern low radiation and high-resolution x-ray equipment. Surgical planning software enables our doctors to virtually place implants prior to the day of surgery. Our modern crown and bridge fabrication techniques provide a durable and more cosmetically attractive restoration, all supported by our in-house lab techs who provide the best quality and aesthetics possible.



Education Articles by Dr. Molly Harriss to help patients make dental decisions.

Guide to Preventative Care: The Best Way To Stop Dental Problems

Preventing dental problems or disease from happening is the primary focus of the dental profession. Using proper brushing and flossing techniques along with regular cleanings at the dentist office can prevent almost all dental problems depending on a your lifestyle choices. Diet, environment, genetics and personal habits all play an important role in dental health …

Guide to Gum Disease

Gum disease or periodontitis is caused by the build-up of bacteria under the gumline and along the root surface of the teeth. If the bacteria is not properly and frequently removed, the plaque along these areas will calcify into calculus or tarter and stick to the side of the tooth similar to barnicles on the …

Guide Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that deals with changing the position of teeth. Although mostly associated with the cosmetic goals of creating “straight” teeth for a more symmetric smile, orthodontics can be used to create space for tooth or implant restorations where teeth have drifted over time into spaces of missing teeth. Orthodontics have …