Guide to Removable Appliance Options for Missing Teeth

Dentures, partial dentures and oral surgery are a necessary part of dentistry. Dentures and partials are removable appliances designed to replace missing teeth. They improve chewing ability which is the beginning of the digestive process, and they enhance facial appearance, thus restoring the patient’s smile and self-confidence.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are designed for the patient who is missing all the teeth in a single arch, whether upper or lower. The soft and hard tissues of the mouth support these appliances. Some patients may opt for non-conventional dentures that may clasp onto existing teeth or dental implants. This supplies additional stability for the denture and is especially helpful with lower dentures in patients who may have insufficient ridge structure. Generally, adapting to a maxillary (upper) denture is a relatively simple and successful process. The mandibular (lower) denture can be a difficult appliance for the patient to learn to wear. Our dentists will work with our patients as they progress through this learning curve and adjustment period.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are constructed to replace teeth missing in an arch when other, natural teeth, are still present. The natural teeth provide support to these appliances. There are three general types of partial dentures:


  • Resin based: similar to the base of a full denture but contains wires that attach to the remaining teeth to hold it in place
  • Duraflex: has a flexible base and a pink clasp to attach to the remaining teeth
  • Cast partial: has a metal base and metal clasps to attach to the remaining teeth



Many of our appliances are made in house, and for those requiring the services of a lab, we utilize trusted labs that we have maintained relationships with for many years. Most tooth removal is performed by our own dentists. If you need the services of an oral surgeon we have a referral list for your convenience.

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Quick review of removable dentistry, partials, dentures, and oral surgery.
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